TECH® is a STRUCTURAL polyurethane.
TECH® is a high density material (600-700 Kg/m3) with which to produce any shape, even with slim thicknesses. Contrary to plastics, variable thicknesses can be achieved on the same piece, from a few millimetres to several centimetres, with no ‘shrinking effect’ on the visible surface. Surfaces can be in relief or drilled.

TECH® is highly shock resistant, well above the standard for traditional rigid structural elements, without losing comfortable elasticity. It also has good resistance to scratches.
TECH® is available coloured or BICOLOUR: it can be specially worked to make a product in one or two colours with the same mould.

TECH® is reproof in compliance with the following standards: - Italian Class 2 UNI 9177:2008* * as TECH® is considered a rigid material, Italian standards require the much stricter radiant panel test rather than the classical test for padded items, and the Class 2 mentioned above refers to this test. According to Italian Ministerial Decree of 18 March 2006, page 11, IMD of 19 August 1996, page 9 letter e, and IMD of 18 September 2002 page 6 letter g, Class 2 is suitable for public places in Italy. - English class BS CRIB 7 (5852:2006) - Technical Bulletin 117, Section A Part I and Section D Part II - English class BS CRIB 5** **test method: Consumer Protection; the furniture and furnishings re safety regulations 1988 n.1324 schedule 1, part 1 and Amendment n.2358/1989 In addition, the following tests are also available: - Accelerated aging with UV lamp ASTM G 154-06 (external agents) - Colour resistance to rubbing (EN ISO 11640:1998) N.B. No integral polyurethane has ever passed these tests.

TECH® won the "INTERZUM AWARD 2009" prize as a top quality, innovative product. This makes TECH® a benchmark product for structural polyurethanes used for furniture.

bianco rosso porpora
sabbia moka
grigio luce grigio traffico
Light grey/Traffic grey