Disponibile in diverse varianti di scocca, Folha è pensata per adattarsi a qualsiasi ambiente del contract Ho.Re.Ca. – la versione lounge plus può trovare naturalmente spazio in una elegante lounge area.

Folha offre una completa gamma di soluzioni, per essere sempre all’altezza in ogni situazione, senza rinunciare ad un immancabile tocco di carattere e personalità.


Made in Italy




Seed is a family of consumer and contract tables reminiscent of Parisian bistros. The concept is a sphere that unites the vertical elements making the system structure: a single sign that gives the product its name. I have always thought of the sphere as a generating geometry: a seed symbol of perfection and absolute regularity, defined as ‘the place of points in space that all have equal distance from a fixed point, called the centre’.

Table, coffee tables, high and low: Seed is an alternative choice with different dimensional and finish variants that emphasise or disemphasise the construction sign.

Seed Collection

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  • Type: coffee table
    Category: tables
    Structure: metal legs
    Tabletop: HPL tabletops

Materials & Finishes

  • Structure


    HPL Top