Often the term "designer" is meaninglessly used to identify a given piece of furniture, such as a chair or table. It’s used to convey a sense of prestige and for this reason, at times, it’s perceived by the public as an adjective that defines an expensive product in a slightly veiled way. But that’s not the case.

An environment that has been created with great care is always an excellent business card to ensure you impress your clients and suppliers. But usually this consideration is associated with the furniture used in offices, studios and meeting rooms. Oftentimes, it’s easy for us to overlook the place where people have time to look around them and reflect a little before a meeting: the waiting area.

Most businesses have an office, some larger, some smaller. But it’s the nerve centre of every business, where customers are received and meetings are held.

Lawyers or accountants' offices, web agencies, insurance companies, manufacturers and banks don’t have just one office for each location, but many. Each of them requires functional furniture designed to safeguard the health of users. Often, though, we forget the communicative power of office furniture and the importance of design.

How many times have you stayed in a hotel and thought it was stylishly furnished? And how many times have you found yourself thinking the exact opposite?

Of course, when it comes to aesthetics, we are all influenced by our own personal taste and it’s no different for furniture. Nevertheless, there are objective characteristics that generally result in us appreciating or turning our noses up at the environment we stay in, even for just one night.

Discussing contemporary furniture is never easy, because fashions change quickly in everything ranging from furniture design, the materials used, colours and combinations.

Also, the idea of "contemporary" encompasses different concepts: the search solutions to meet the needs of today's lifestyle, current trends and, in some way, even the personal taste or character that you want to create in one or more rooms.

Bar stools are a type of seat that creates an informal atmosphere, whether you're drinking an aperitif or enjoying a full dinner. The height and location right next to the counter, and close proximity to the barman allow you to socialize more directly and personally with the person mixing your cocktail and people sitting near you.

It’s no coincidence that the term "living room" includes the word “living”. It’s certainly one of the liveliest rooms in your house, the one where a whole host of different activities are carried out and where people interact the most.

A comfortable seat where you can relax after a long day at work is one of life’s luxuries, but it’s also one of the furnishing elements frequently chosen by clubs and hotels to enhance customer comfort.

If you're about to read this article you almost certainly know the term "Contract Furniture" or at least you’ve heard of it and have wanted to know more. But if you still don't know what it is, don't worry, because we’ll explain everything from scratch.

Furnishing a new or recently renovated home is a delicate task, as there are many variables to keep in mind, chiefly personal taste and the needs of those sharing the living space.

Finding the perfect furniture for a hotel, bar, or restaurant is an adventure filled with obstacles to tackle for those managing public spaces, but there are smart solutions that save money and time.

The versatility of some furnishing elements lets us use them in a variety of environments, giving them a specific character.

A modern armchair is the classic example of an item that can be used in countless settings while always meeting the need for comfort with an eye on style.

During long days of work and obligations, we need to take a moment to relax – perhaps even more than one.

A coffee break, an informal lunch, a family dinner, enjoying a nice film on the telly – in all these routine situations where we try to leave our worries behind, we’re eating and drinking.

Workplaces are no longer grey rooms with neon lighting that drain all the energy from their employees. Rather, they are well-finished environments where the effect colours and objects have on the human psyche is taken into consideration.

On entering a house or a restaurant, the eye is sure to fall on a wisely placed modern designer dining table. It is a pleasure to touch the surface to feel the precious material under the fingertips or to spend a few moments observing the meticulous details.

More and more often, those who choose designer tables try to enhance them by leaving them in plain sight, instead of covering them with very elaborate tablecloths or mise en places.

When sitting at a table to enjoy a meal in the company of friends or family, the comfort of a chair is a detail that is often unconsidered, but if the seat is uncomfortable you notice every little flaw: it’s creaky, it's unstable, it's not ergonomic.

Talking about modern dining chairs not only means focus on the design of the objects and, therefore, on their aesthetic characteristics, but also an in-depth study of the comfort they must give back to users.