Experience, precision, inventiveness: these are the ingredients of our history, here are our roots.

Albaplus is a brand of Metalmeccanica Alba, from which it inherits the skills, the vision of the future, the industrial capabilities and the conviction that the ability of the workers and the processing of the material are the basis of everything. 

At Albaplus, craftsmanship and creativity are combined with automation and innovation. 

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Our products embody passion, creativity and meticulous attention to detail. 

Our versatile, contemporary collections are designed for both community areas and intimate spaces. From a public zone to a hotel room, Albaplus chairs, sofas and tables have all the ideal characteristics for use in the Ho.Re.Ca. world. 

The selection of materials and finishes for our articles is the result of consolidated experience in the sector, combined with an approach that is always fresh and attentive to the evolution of taste. 

Sensitivity to issues of environmental sustainability drives us to constantly search for innovative and low-impact solutions for our products. Our commitment to preserving the environment involves not only optimising our production, disposal and packing processes, but also the careful selection of local suppliers and the attainment of environmental certifications such as ISO 14001, which are fundamental to making our factory a greener reality. 

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An inspiration, an idea, a sketch. That’s how our creations are born. Accuracy, customisation, creative flair: our story starts here.